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Ruger Hawkeye in .257 Roberts, standard ultra light?

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If you were to purhase a new Ruger Hawkeye in .257 Roberts, would it be the standard or ultra light? I noticed that Ruger has taken the ultra light our of there lineup on their web page. Wonder why? They quit making them?
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So do the Ultra Lights always have the black on the end of the forearm?
I'll probably get the standard and leave it be.
I checked out a Remington Model 7's barrel & it is thicker than the Ruger's in the same .308 caliber. Before I sold my Ruger Ultralight I called Ruger and told them their barrel on this particular model 77 was simply too light for a caliber like a .308 & that it vibrated all over thhe place when fired. I've never owned a rifle with such a thin whimpy barrel as what was on their untralights. NO WONDER THEY DISCONTINUED IT!!
It seems the answer to my question has been satisfied. I'm getting the standard.
2 nd that
Now will that be wood or in the black ?:)
Wood. I don't think you can get it any other way.
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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