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Ruger Hawkeye in .257 Roberts, standard ultra light?

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If you were to purhase a new Ruger Hawkeye in .257 Roberts, would it be the standard or ultra light? I noticed that Ruger has taken the ultra light our of there lineup on their web page. Wonder why? They quit making them?
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If you are going to buy a Ruger M-77 "Hawkeye", in .257 Roberts, then BUY THE STANDARD rifle. I had an ultralight in .308 & it was worthless!!:mad: The best it could do is 6" groups @ 100 yards with both factory & reloads. I think the barrel was just too light for the caliber and this "Whimpy" barrel vibrated all over the place when shot. I since sold my Ruger Ultralight "Hawkeye" to a Ruger Collector who was looking for one in .308. BUT I lost as lot of money around $250!!!!:mad: Your Standard Ruger "Should" be okay. :)
I agree, I have a 700 classic with a new 24" shilen barrel that is extremely accurate. With the 110 grain Accubond, it is a killer on hogs, which is all I've used it for. I don't know why that caliber ever "fell from grace" with the shooting public. It is a very shooter friendly rifle with plenty of power.
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