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Ruger LCR

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Anyone bought one of the Ruger LCR's? Thinking of getting one, wanted to know if anyone has had problems with them? Have heard mixed reviews about them.
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mortimer.. in my experience it cant stand a the number of rnds some
guns can.. on the positive side.. i wore one out when ammo was readily available..kel tec replaced the .380 an stamped my old serial number in the new one..
on the other hand id still rather have my 38 special w 4 inch barrel,in my hand..i can shoot that more accurately than a 22 buck mark..
i can hit 1 1/2 inch yrd stakes with a pretty quick shot at 20 yrds or so..
thats been a pleasant surprise, especially with my old shaky hands..
i know some consider that just about a mouse gun .. but shot placements an ability to make a second shot as quick as the first,,is my thing....
right now its a glove compartment gun..but im looking for a cheap way to carry the special w 4 inch barrel conveniently on my person..
until then its the kel tec in in pants it ll do the job....
had to trade my smith 60 for money concerns..but now its looking like i traded up an got 200 to boot.,as far as ability to make a better shot..i ll figure a way to carry my special on me ,in a way that suits me..:)slim..
ps..ive never seen a more dependable gun than my smith 60 was though
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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