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Ruger LCR

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Anyone bought one of the Ruger LCR's? Thinking of getting one, wanted to know if anyone has had problems with them? Have heard mixed reviews about them.
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Now last summer we had 2 of those Ruger semi-auto pocket pistols! One jammed right off the bat with 3 types of ammo while testing at the gun range. The other was not so bad but if I tired to fire fast with this little weapon my index finger took a heck of a beating, to were it was sore and hurting after 50 rounds. It also Jammed just not as much! They went down the road fast!

Also tested some Kel-Tecs, P-11 had a very loooon trigger pull and heavy too! It was fairly accurate out to 20 ft on a 9 inch pie plate. Wife could NOT shot this pistol and hit anything because of the hard trigger pull. We then tried a couple of PF-9's and they too were Jamming right off from the start. They would NOT take hollow point self-defense ammo without Jamming. I polished the feed ramps but still they had issues on the range. They two went down the trade route.

We then tried a Sig-Sauer and that was like eating cheese cake! It was a pleasure to shoot and very accurate. However, the price was 3 times that of a Kel-Tec pistol. You get what you pay for in pistols like anything else in this world. The wife went to shooting a Glock model 26 9mm Luger cal and went up after some 4500 rounds to the Glock model 27, in the .40 cal We put 300 to 400 rounds through every pistol we tried out before they were put into the vault or traded off down the road. NEVER bet your life on a cheap pocket pistol!!!
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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