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Ruger LCR

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Anyone bought one of the Ruger LCR's? Thinking of getting one, wanted to know if anyone has had problems with them? Have heard mixed reviews about them.
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I did not buy one because it does not have a manual safety. Other then that, it is a nice size for a concealed weapon and fits into a cargo pants pocket fine with a holster.
jbee,I have yet to see a revolver with a manual safety, unless there is some new model out that I haven't seen. I think in a bad situation a safety would be more likely to slow ya down. I don't like auto's with safeties either, that's why my current carry gun is a glock. Basically point and shoot. No time wasted fumbling with safeties and all in a situation where a second or two could mean your life. I agree on the size, that is why I like it. Small, light weight, and can fit in your pocket. Thanks for the comment.
Feller I work with has one. While it's certainly convenient from a concealability standpoint, my impression is that it'd be very difficult for someone with average-to-large hands to shoot accurately. It doesn't feel good in my hand and it just doesn't give me the warm, fuzzy feeling that my Walther PPKS does.
Thanks pfoxy for the input. At 135 lbs. I have pretty small hands. Haven't been to a shop yet to check them out but I think It should have a nice fit and feel. It wouldn't be a daily shooter anyway , more for concealed carry at close range so accuracy isn't a real big problem either. Thanks.
I'm "concidering" one myself. I like the caliber that it is chambered for.

Don't care much for the price that I see around here.

I'm not real "inspired" about construction either. Looks kinda modular and throw-away to me?

I have no "hands-on" experience yet. Want some though!

Thanks for the comment Cheezywan, I like that it is .38 also. As far as the polymer goes, lots of frames and all are polymer these days so maybe it is o.k. I haven't checked them out at the shop yet maybe in a day or two I'm gonna do that. Would like to be able to shoot one as well. I found a shop online that had a plain grip model for under $4oo (factory new) or at least it said it was new, but I saw mixed reviews on the shop. One of the online gun distributors is out of the plain grip model but has the laser grip one thru a local shop for about $660(including tax and fees). Just need to check if the "in store" prices are the same or if it's cheaper to get it thru the distributor.
I have read many owner reports/reviews - Based on that it seems to have a real nice trigger - reports from owners of both J Frames and LCR seem to support proposition that it;s trigger is superior to J Frame. Lately I have read a couple reports that the gun can't handle a lot of shooting. We shall see in the fullness of time. I would not mind having one - but I'm going to wait to see what improvements, if any, Ruger makes in generation 2 models.
I appreciate your comments jmortimer, I have been reading basically the same, although a guy on you tube has complained of frame cutting. I believe he is using really hot loads and a lot of them for that to be happening. I read somewhere that he was overloading his reloads or something but who knows for sure.
I think its a good gun, a few owners have reported breaking transfer bars.

Ruger will take care of you though, whether there is a recall or you have a mechanical issue.

Thanks mattsbox99, I have heard of the transfer bars "rattling" and making some noise but haven't heard of them breaking. Thanks for the info.
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