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I've been working on Ruger Mark pistols for over 50 years now. One of the most common maladies that I've seen, since the Ruger Mark I Target versions, right on through to the Ruger Mark IV Target versions, are loose front sights. I've seen the factory installed sight screws with both blue, and red thread-locker on the screws threads, and still the screws come loose and get lost.
From my experience, if both the tapped threads in the barrel and those threads in the screw, are first sprayed with an oil displacing solvent, and then, have thread-locker applied, they'll stay in place forever:

This is a very reasonably priced, non-chlorinated, parts cleaner that will remove any oil in the root of threads and will not affect polymer or any synthetic parts. When used first, the thread locker can do its part to help hold any fastener in place.
I've also given up on the slotted and hex-socket screws used on these front sights. I've seen too many slotted screws that have been boogered up due to the tapered driver blade "camming out" of the slot and rolling over the top edges. Hex-socket screws will, and can, become rounded from ill fitting "imported" hex wrenches as these screws are tightened. Here's what I now use:

These "custom" torx style screws, once the threads have been cleaned and a proper driver bit used, will never back out and give up the front sight to looseness. To add additional insurance, a drop or two of #242 serviceable Blue Loctite will also help yet provide for removal with common hand tools.
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