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That seems a little high. Have seen them at the gun shows under $500. My 338 is a Mark I, so it's a tang safety on the rear of the action not the three position safety on the bolt per the Mark II.

One other difference, Ruger hammer-forges their own barrels now, not purchasing them from other suppliers which was done back in the Mark I era.

Finally got around to free-floating my Mark I, shot it this weekend in cold, drizzling weather. 3 shots in about 1.5" at 150 yards with Fed. Premium 210gr Nosler Partition, and same group size with cheap white-box Winchester 225gr. soft points at that range also.

Other than not having the adjustable trigger of the Mark I, I would think that the Mark II should suit the purpose just fine. The stainless/synthetic should be a good combo for all-weather hunting.

I do like the integral bases & ring design of the Ruger rifles. They return to zero just fine after detaching scope.
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