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I stayed with the older 77 for this reason - their triggers are adjustable.

When you can find a big aftermarket for triggers on a particular rifle, that ought to tell you something about the factory trigger!

I would advise against lightening the mainspring. First, you may have reliability problems if it doesn't hit the primer hard enough, second you may increase the lock time which isn't good for accuracy, and third, this usually isn't the source of most of the pull weight, anyway. If there is a separate trigger return spring (and most guns to have one, except the Redhawk comes to mind as having only one spring in the action), then that is the spring you want to reduce the weight of.

I've lightened the trigger return springs in a number of revolvers and this generally gets the desired results with a minumum of effort, and doesn't compromise reliability.

As an example, on the Win M70 trigger, the trigger weight is adjustable by two nuts which control how much the trigger return spring is compressed. Doesn't affect sear engagement (creep), overtravel, or how 'crisp' the letoff is, but those are things you want to be very careful with anyway.

Good luck, and check with Brownell's to see if they have just a trigger return spring that you can buy as a replacement. It's been a while since I looked for trigger springs for Ruger 77s so off the top of my head I couldn't tell you.

Oh and Brownell's sells a bolt disassembly tool that you will want also. You can take a bolt apart without one, but it's not fun, and very easy to loose parts or have the mainspring pop you in the eye if you are not careful.
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