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Hey guys - I am considering the new model ruger ranch rifle (223) for plinking and shooting varmints in south texas. I have plenty of big guns and .22's but nothing in 223.

My thoughts are something to carry in the truck that is quick and easy to handle.

Blue or SS?
Wood or synthetic?
Scope, irons sights or red dot?

Are the standard ghost ring and blade sights good enough to pop coyotes out to 200 yards?

Thanks for you input!

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I've got one of their so-called "Tactical Models" with the short barrel and flash hider with the synthetic stock. I've also got an earlier manufacture stainless Ranch Rifle with the skinny, whippy barrel. The new 580 series Ranch Rifles shoot FAR BETTER than the older models. I'm impressed, as out of the box, with about any of the white-boxed el-cheapo ammo, it will shoot into under an inch and a half with the Burris scope that's on it.

Handloads tailored for the gun will shoot into about an inch at a hundred yards, and the groups really don't start opening up until you've dumped about 15 rounds out of a 20 round magazine. It's rugged, simple, compact, light-weight and effective. It'll shoot minute-of-coyote out to about 300 yards with no problem.

It's by no stretch of the imagination a target rifle. It won't run along-side an AR H-Bar for accuracy, but it doesn't weigh in at 8+ pounds, and it doesn't care how clean you do or don't keep it in regard to reliability. In short, for my purposes it works, and does what I ask off a .223 autoloader.

With the issue ghost ring sights and my tired eyes, I can consistently hit paper plates at 200 yards from field positions. That still puts Coyotes and Jack Rabbits in serious peril. When i carry the new Ranch Rifle on my mule, the scope stays in the safe, and I shoot the irons. 'Nuff said.

God bless,
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