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Ruger No. 1 45-70 loads

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I have just got Ruger No. 1 in 45-70. I will be hunting deer and possibly a hog with it this year. What can you recommend for 400 gr jacketed bullet powder/load area? Which bullet Speer, Barnes Original, or Remington? What velocities do you get? What experiences have you had with deer and 400 gr jacketed bullets? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks
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I also have a Ruger No. 1 in .45-70, as well as a Winchester (Miroku) 1886 ELR in the same cartridge. The ruger will handle load of sufficient recoil (and velocity) to make your eye water. I have loaded round pushing the Remington 405 gr. JSP to 2,200+ fps with three powders, without signs of excessive pressure. I backed them down to 2,000+ fps in order to shoot them reasonably.

The load I settled on is 58 gr. of 3031 with a CCI 200 primer and loaded to 2.715'. RL-7 and H322 also shot well. All would put 3 round in 1 inch at 100 yds with a 3X Weaver scope from a bench.

I developed a load of 53 gr. 3031 for the 1886 and killed an elk last year. It shot through him at 50 -60 yards. No complaints, although I can shoot better.

The Remingtons can (or could) be purchased from Cabela's and Graf and Son's. The last Graf catalog does not list them.

I have also shot some Speer 400 gr, and they are similar, but not identical in velocity and loads. Load cautiously and they will also work.

The last bullet I tried is the Kodiak from Alaska Bullet Works. Spendy, but good bullets. I will probably use them with my .450 Alaskan.

Let us know what you do with your loads.

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45-70 loads

Hello brewtcl and dclark1. I got a Ruger No.1 and a Browning 1886 saddle ring carbine in 45-70. I use both cast and jacketed 400gr bullets in my rifles but drive them much slower than dclark1 does. I don't have my loading data with me since I am overseas now so I don't remember the weights of the powder charges. I was using AA2230 and IMR-4198 alot keeping the velocities of the 400gr jacketed bullets in the 1500-1600fps range. These loads worked real well on game including tough Russian Boar. Even at these velocities I was getting good expansion (judging by the size of the exit wound) and full penetration. I have not recovered a bullet yet.
I'm sure you will enjoy hunting and shooting with this rifle.:)
Thank you very much for your replies. I emailed Barnes to see what they'd say and they sent me the following data. It seems a bit low. The RL 7 seems esp. low. What do you think?

"45-70 Ruger No.1 400 gr F.N.S.P. & S.S.S.P.
RL 7 Starting load 44.0 grs Velocity 1707 Max. load 48.0 grs Velocity 1862
H 322* Starting load 50.0 grs Velocity 1765 Max. load 54.0 grs Velocity 1906
H 4895 Starting load 52.0 grs Velocity 1796 Max. load 56.0 grs Velocity 1934
IMR 4198 Starting load 40.0 grs Velocity 1633 Max. load 44.0 grs Velocity 1796
IMR 4064* Starting load 51.0 grs Velocity 1761 Max. load 55.0 grs Velocity 1899"

How well do the 400 gr speers penetrate at 2000-2100 fps. I don't need that cuh I just end to shoot deer at odd angles sometimes in the woods. I'd like to try a good safe load at that velocity to see what it is like. Then I'll decide if I'll stay with it.

Thanks for all your comments

According to Speer staff, the 400 bullet penetrates best at about 1,900 fps, but they have driven it to 2500 fps in the .458 Win Mag. It should work for anything you want with the loads shown from Barnes. Also might want to check the new Speer manual at it goes to 2000 fps.

Let us know how you do.

If someone could, I would greatly appreciate someone spending/posting the latest Speer manual info for the 400 gr bullet for the ruger. I would like the Reloader 7 adn 3031 and any other that you think is worth it. If someone also has a newer Barnes manual I would greatly appreciate the same out of it.

Thank you for all of your advice and help, I should have some loads to report back in a week or two. Thanks again
Speer Manual #13 lists RX7 48.0 grs as the start load @ 1752 fps, and 52.0 grs @ 1934 fps.

IMR 3031 is listed as 50.0 and 54.0 grs and 1567 fps, 1786 fps, respectively. The 54 gr load is compressed.

For deer, don't forgrt that Barnes sells 250 gr .458 X-bullets with massive hollow points. These will leave more energy in the animal and have a reputation for very fine accuracy.
More load data

Just for fun here is some data from my Ruger No. 1 45-70, these are from my Chrony

40.0 RE-7 CCI 300 405 GRain Jacketed Remington
Average 1640 FPS

40.0 RE-7 CCI 300 405 Beartooth LFN
Average 1755 (SHot same day as above from cool barrel)

Rem 300 HP 53.5 re-7 2150
57.1 re-7 2350
53.5 imr 4198 2278

I have sighted in for barnes 300 X bullets over 54 grains re-7 but forgot to chrono I'll let you know. This is what I am going to use for deer this year, very flat trajectory, I took teh NECG peep off and put on a leupold 2-7 to take advantage of it.
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Hi MattC,

I also use your load of 40 grains RL-7 under 405 Rem (or 400 Speer) in my Marlin GG. That dang levergun may just be the most accurate gun I own. It'll put those 400 grainers into the same ragged hole all day long from 100 yds. Leverguns aren't supposed to be that accurate. ;) And that relatively mild load whacks the living daylights out of select members of the local whitetail herd. Blood trail? I'll say! Be careful not get it all over your dungarees. Go ahead, guys, and 'magnumize' your 45-70s if you want. There's nothing wrong with that, but I'll stick with the 1500-1600 fps loads for deer. Now, if I get to go moose or buffalo hunting one of these years, I'll be tempted to turn up the heat just a touch. ;) Ain't 45-70 great?!

Live well.

Hey, do you want to sell that NECG peep sight? I'll give it a good new home on my #1A 7x57, or my M77 35 Whelen. If so, email me at [email protected].
Check Hodgdon #27.
Hi jackfish,

What about Hodgdon #27?

Hey, has anyone tried the new Reloder 10x in 45-70 yet? It should produce a bit higher velocities than RL7 given similar pressures. I think RL12 did that too but I never tried it before it was discontinued.

On a side note, I think I had every buck in the section under me last night. Didn't get a shot off though. My fault. Even with my short treestand bow I had to stand up because the buck was way close to my tree - almost straight down - and I didn't get stood up soon enough. Oh well, it was exciting, and I heard the grunt-snort-wheeze for the first time.

Live well, brothers.
The Hodgdon #27 reloading manual has loads for the Ruger #1 in 45-70. I don't have it in front of me but if I remember right they produce over 2500 fps with a 300 grain bullet, over 2300 fps with a 350 grain bullet and over 2100 fps with a 400 grain bullet. Someone was looking for loads, there are a few there.
Ruger 45-70

I installed a NECG peep sight with their .350" tall front bead, and it's just right for this gun. I've tried scopes, but they add weight and look clumsy.
With BRP's 405 grain GC bullet over 47 grains of IMR3031 it's very accurate and easy to shoot. It'll take more powerful loads, but this one is plenty strong enough for hogs.

Good hunting.

If I read the data correctly, RL-10 is a bit slower burning than RL-7, so should provide more powder per pressure, and may be about ideal for the 405 gr. loads in the 45.70. I have been unable to locate any in my area so far, but am looking. I have gotten 2,200 fps with RL-7, so am looking forward to trying RL-10. As if I needed more velocity.

Don't overlook XMR2015

I use XMR2015 in my 1886 EL and it shoots extremely well. With 56grs and a 350 Hawk bullet, I get 2060fps in low 30 degree temps and .75" groups at 100yds with a Lyman receiver sight. 56grs of XMR2015 all but fills the case up.
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