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45-70 loads

Hello brewtcl and dclark1. I got a Ruger No.1 and a Browning 1886 saddle ring carbine in 45-70. I use both cast and jacketed 400gr bullets in my rifles but drive them much slower than dclark1 does. I don't have my loading data with me since I am overseas now so I don't remember the weights of the powder charges. I was using AA2230 and IMR-4198 alot keeping the velocities of the 400gr jacketed bullets in the 1500-1600fps range. These loads worked real well on game including tough Russian Boar. Even at these velocities I was getting good expansion (judging by the size of the exit wound) and full penetration. I have not recovered a bullet yet.
I'm sure you will enjoy hunting and shooting with this rifle.:)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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