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More load data

Just for fun here is some data from my Ruger No. 1 45-70, these are from my Chrony

40.0 RE-7 CCI 300 405 GRain Jacketed Remington
Average 1640 FPS

40.0 RE-7 CCI 300 405 Beartooth LFN
Average 1755 (SHot same day as above from cool barrel)

Rem 300 HP 53.5 re-7 2150
57.1 re-7 2350
53.5 imr 4198 2278

I have sighted in for barnes 300 X bullets over 54 grains re-7 but forgot to chrono I'll let you know. This is what I am going to use for deer this year, very flat trajectory, I took teh NECG peep off and put on a leupold 2-7 to take advantage of it.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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