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A New Ruger Collectible???
A buddy bought one of the new SuperBlackhawk Hunter models in March 2002, and another friend just took delivery on a new one this week. They have different barrels. One is tapered and the newer Hunter has a bull barrel. Personal choice: I think the tapered barrel is better looking. I wonder why they made that change? I wonder if there are any other changes on the inside? Both barrels are 7-1/2" with a rib for the scope rings. The first of the two new Hunters has a tapered barrel that is thicker at the base where it screws into the receiver and smaller at the muzzle than the bull barrel. The bull barrel has a much wider full length rib. The grooves on the top of the rib are cut full length on the bull barrel. On the tapered barrel they are blind cuts that disappear short of both ends of the barrel. The tapered barrel also has a tapered top rib. The ejector rod housing seems to be the same on both barrels but its contour is a better fit against the bull barrel.

If you bought one of the tapered barrel models of this newly released Hunter, you may already have a collectors item!! Maybe there is a tapered barrel Hunter still in the display case at your local gun shop! :) The serial numbers between my friends' Hunters are only 1,000 apart.
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