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Back in 1985 I was issued a Ruger Security Six (Stainless) for my duty weapon. I carried it for 10 years until my agency opted for the Beretta 96D. I tried to shoot that Ruger to pieces and could not do it. The accuracy and durability of that revolver is far better than any other DA revolver I have shot. I fed it a steady diet of magnum cartridges, all weights, at least 100 rounds every month, not including pistol matches and quarterly qualifications. The only thing that showed any use was the apparent holster wear. A bunch of us tried to "Buy Back" our Rugers when we upgraded (snicker), but the Clinton Administration put the brakes on that. In my humble opinion, you made out like a bandit. Incidentaly, the trigger did smooth out but never did get lighter.

Allen F. :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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