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Gatofeo may be correct, that a lightened trigger or handloaded ammunition has not been an issue in a criminal trial. Discovering this would be a matter of reading the entire transcript of thousands of prosecutions, both convictions and non-convictions.

The hard, cold fact is, that even if you are absolved of criminal charges, many times you may still be sued civilly. In a civil action the burden of proof is not so severe as a criminal prosecution and matters such as hand-loaded ammunition and modifications made to the firearm may very well be used by the attorney for the plaintiff to confuse the jury or to make you look culpable even if you are not.

The most important thing, if you are ever in a position where deadly force is justified and used, never try to reduce your involvement by claiming the shooting was an accident! If it was truly an accidental shooting, and the evidence will support this, then say so. By the same logic, if you have shot someone under circumstances you believe to be legally defensible, THEN SAY SO. Nothing will cause more trouble than appearing to be trying to cover up facts or circumstances, or making a statement which sounds as if you think you have done something wrong!

This isn't opinion, it is 21 years in Law Enforcement!!!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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