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Two-Bits, I own all three of the revolvers you mentioned.  

I have a 3rd generation 45 Colt New Frontier, 4 3/4" barrel for collecting.  I plan to shoot it someday...., but it really needs an action job first - somewhat "crunchy" and typical of 3rd generation Colts.

I am currently down to one 45 Colt Ruger New Model.  Can shoot the fire out of this one - but it doesn't have the classic "feel" of the Colt, Ruger OM, or better clones.  Best and most durable of the bunch though, I use my NM for moderate loads(1100fps) and hot (1325fps) loads.

The USFA Rodeo is a dandy.  I love the way it feels and handles, the one I have is slicker than my Colt NF.  I have the 4 3/4" version - it is very lively in the hand.  Perfect for loads that run from 700fps to 850 fps.  Mine is quite accurate using CAS type loads (6.0 of TiteGroup or 7.0 of HP38) both using 250 grain lead RNFP "cowboy" bullets.

If you can find one (hard to do) the very best combo of all is the Old Model Ruger in 45 COLT with a 4 5/8" barrel.  Has all the advantages of the three rolled up into one gun (wonderful 4-click action, great quality, durability, and strength, and lively in the hand).  I had one once and in one of the dumbest moves of my gun-collectiing life I sold it off!  Oh well.

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