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Thanx! Good artical - and this WEB site rules! I have both the 45Colt and 454Cas Rugers and have been trying to work up loads. It is hard to get reliable data for max or near-max loads, especially for the Colt; I guess people don't want to be responsible if someone tries to fire one in an old Colt clone that can't take the pressure. You mentioned a 310 bullet at 1400 (H110/28), a 350 grainer at 1375 (H110/28) and a 265 at 1550 (H110/30). ALL of those are WAY beyond what I had thought were safe loads, even for a Ruger!
I need to verify - have you really pushed those weight bullets to those velocities with that much powder and your Redhawk is still in one piece?
I have worked up what I thought were max loads with a 350 at 950fps, 300 at 1250, and 255 at 1300. They are perhaps not optimum loads then, since the velocity spreads are 50 - 100 fps! I guess I can push hotter then (carefully) until the spreads get below 20.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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