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Hello from Scotland

Can any of you guy's recommend a load that my New .308 Stainless A-Bolt 22" barrel will like and also shoot straight ? Any good Deer load's would be most welcome. What about cast bullet's ? Do they work as well as jacketed soft point's??
Would like to hear from you - Thank's

Best regard's from across the pond.


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     I have owned 2 .308's (I still own one of them and wish I still owned the other!) and have used them to take more game than any other caliber. They were both extremely un-finicky. The one I currently own is a stainless Rem 700 and I had to firelap the barrel to keep it from fouling. Otherwise they've both been very good.
       I'm generally reluctant to give out loads on the internet, but I have had very good success with Hornady 150 or 165 grain bullets and the following powders- Win 748, IMR 4064, Varget, and H4895. If I had to pick one it would be Varget, with the Hornady 165 gr bullet. Just go to the various manufacturer's websites to get data.
        A couple of notes- Sierra bullets shot great but fragmented badly, so I don't use them anymore. (I hear they've improved, but I'm reluctant to try again). Hornady have ALWAYS performed well for me, and Speers are pretty good too (the hot-cor versions). Also, cast bullets shot fairly well in my current rifle but I have never hunted with them so I can't speak to their performance on game. I'm sure Marshall and others can!
       Good luck and have fun!            ID

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I"m curious what kinds of bullets and powders you have available - American brands or is it limited to European?

Only .308 shooter that I know used WW748 powder, and Nosler bullets, both Partitions and Ballistic Tips.  He shoot a heavy-barreled Remington 700 and it is very accurate.  I taught him to reload and yes I am proud too!
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