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savage 340E .22 hornet

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Was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with a savage 340E in .22 hornet, I got my paps a few years ago and I cant get the thing to hold even a 1 1/2" group at 100 yds. Im not sure if its the nature of the rifle or the factory ammo im using.
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My Dad has a 340 in .222. I doubt if it has had more than a box or two put through it in its lifetime. I know it is at least 70's era, and possibly 50's or 60's. Anyone own one in .222 that they can report on? I am sure I can arrange a long term borrow of the rifle if it is worthwhile. I am kind of intrigued with it, and would likely buy the dies and start loading for it.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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