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savage 340E .22 hornet

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Was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with a savage 340E in .22 hornet, I got my paps a few years ago and I cant get the thing to hold even a 1 1/2" group at 100 yds. Im not sure if its the nature of the rifle or the factory ammo im using.
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My father's 340 will shoot well under 1" @ 100yds. He shoots 45gr bullets and has killed just about anything you would want to with it. From Squirrels to pheasants to deer, they all die when hit by the Hornet.
You can reload the Hornet a **** of alot cheaper than you can buy 17HMR ammo. I would never think of buying a .17 anything if I had a Hornet.

I started out reloading for my father's hornet when i was 16 and I used the Lee Loader. You can still buy the Lee Loader kits for under $20 and load ammo for the Hornet on the kitchen table.
I got the .17 before I got the hornet, 189 bucks brand new couldnt pass it up.

I completely understand. All I'm saying is that with a small investment, you may very well find yourself shooting the Hornet more than the .17HMR. The Hornet is capable of killing 'chucks out to 175-200yds if the wind is calm, and it's a legal deer gun in my state too.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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