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I've owned my Savage 64 for a few years now. I feel its pretty good for a low end .22lr. When I bought it I wanted an inexpensive and lightweight .22lr rifle that my wife would like to shoot as well, since she complained about the weight of my other rifles after a long day of shooting.

Now its been a while and I want to have some fun with this gun again. I want to change the stock out for something fun, maybe tactically inspired, but this endeavor has been nothing but frustrating. I've looked for the past few months but can't find anything being manufactured except high end, usually wood stocks, often designed for competitive shooters.

At this point, I've been trying to find a 10/22 since accessories are so abundant for them. These days this apparently is even harder than finding that elusive stock for my savage 64 as 10/22's are sold out nation wide and have been for a few months now.

If anyone knows of any stocks being sold for the savage 64, or if anyone is aware of any instructional videos of how to make or modify another stock, please let me know.
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