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You can see a common thread above that helps to answer your question on why the Model 99 is no more. Many, many hunters thought it was odd-looking compared to their tried & true Winchesters and Marlins. What they didn't realize were the many superior features of the Savage: higher performance cartridges, a rotary magazine that allowed for spitzers and didn't hang off the barrel, ease of scope mounting, etc. It was far and away the state of the art sporting rifle until at least WWI.

Another problem that vexed the Model 99 was its cost compared to other lever actions. It cost the factory more to build and that was passed on to the consumer. Depending on the era, Model 99's cost significantly more than comparable Winchesters or Marlins.

I think they are the finest lever action, if not sporting rifle, ever made. I've owned a few and hope to add more as funds and availability of clean specimans allow. I've never fired one that didn't shoot very well indeed.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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