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If you noticed the Savage 99 has a strong an loyal following! Prior to the Savage 110 if you were left handed this was the only modern rifle/cartridge combination you could use well.
The .300 Savage, .303 British and .307 Winchester are all about equal in power. There really are no better cartridges for the average hunter of deer - black bear etc.

Someone pointed out how the 99 leaps to your shoulder like a shotgun. The 99 is great for fast shooting. The action snaps open after the shot, responding instantly to your fingers. The action cocks on closeing which requires a little getting used to but it is fast once you get some experiance with it.

When you find the bullets your rifle likes and the load that suits it they can be surprisingly accurate also. This is particularly true of the .358 Winchesters>
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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