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The first time i saw a 99, i thought it was the ugliest rifle that i had ever laid eyes on. Like everything else, when i knew the whole story, i had to have one. Youth is for the young, I suppose.

They come up to the shoulder like a fine shotgun, Light and heavy in the right places, do not kick at all, and are fairly accuratte. My 300 will go routinely at around 1.5".

An old timer showed me how to flex my hand to cycle the action, while keeping my thumb on top of the stock, and not moving my cheek weld. follow up shots are as fast as I can cycle any weapon, using this technique.

They do prefer bullets with a short ogive, and aren't real fond of heavy weights that are loaded close to max c.o.l. I had trouble with bullets that had long ogives, and have settled on the speer fp 150 over the speer max load of 4064, and am getting good enough results that i don't aim to switch.

Looking forward to grandkids, so I can will my 99s to them, but while i'm around, reckon they have a place in my vault anytime.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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