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Savage Accu-Triger

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A friend just bought a rifle (.22 bolt) with this trigger system. Seemed excited and asked me over to see it, and a video on it. I came, I saw, I was very impressed (blown away).
This is a gizmo fits into the trigger, acts as a safety, AND A FAIL SAFE. A fool proof safety on the trigger!!! Even I can't get confused using it.
I watched the video with him. Then I wanted to try some things with it. Go to Savages's site, check out their video. What I want to scream to everyone is: Savage is selling this system way short! IT IS MUCH BETTER THAN THEY LET ON!
Basically it is a gizmo that catches the sear, if it should slip from the trigger let off (allows for a very light let off); and both the sear and the accu-thing are then frozen (something Savage doesn't mention); if the sear slips, everything is frozen until the hammer (or whatever, depending upon the firing system) is recocked. For lever action rifles and semi-automatic pistols and bolt actions, this in a dream come true. Plus it allows for a trigger adjustable to very light; with FULL safety. People; CHECK THIS OUT!!!!

How many times have we read of people coming to the end of a hunt, wanting to unload their magazines; and when they slip the manual safety off: KABOOM; they have inadvertantly shot themselves in the foot? Or of manual safeties suddenly, and unexpectantly, turned out to be on; just when one was making that "lifetime" shot?

Would it be possibile to adjust the time out (to automatic log off; a very fine feature) to something would allow me to preview my post, before having to log in again?
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Its been around a while some people love them some people hate them.
One thing I think everybody can agree on is when Savage introduced the Accutrigger it forced the other manufacurers to improve theirs.
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