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Savage Accu-Triger

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A friend just bought a rifle (.22 bolt) with this trigger system. Seemed excited and asked me over to see it, and a video on it. I came, I saw, I was very impressed (blown away).
This is a gizmo fits into the trigger, acts as a safety, AND A FAIL SAFE. A fool proof safety on the trigger!!! Even I can't get confused using it.
I watched the video with him. Then I wanted to try some things with it. Go to Savages's site, check out their video. What I want to scream to everyone is: Savage is selling this system way short! IT IS MUCH BETTER THAN THEY LET ON!
Basically it is a gizmo that catches the sear, if it should slip from the trigger let off (allows for a very light let off); and both the sear and the accu-thing are then frozen (something Savage doesn't mention); if the sear slips, everything is frozen until the hammer (or whatever, depending upon the firing system) is recocked. For lever action rifles and semi-automatic pistols and bolt actions, this in a dream come true. Plus it allows for a trigger adjustable to very light; with FULL safety. People; CHECK THIS OUT!!!!

How many times have we read of people coming to the end of a hunt, wanting to unload their magazines; and when they slip the manual safety off: KABOOM; they have inadvertantly shot themselves in the foot? Or of manual safeties suddenly, and unexpectantly, turned out to be on; just when one was making that "lifetime" shot?

Would it be possibile to adjust the time out (to automatic log off; a very fine feature) to something would allow me to preview my post, before having to log in again?
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As I understand it, the system starts with an adjustment system allows for very light pull; and what has me so excited is the safety they added to prevent accidental discharge. I am not into rimfire rifles; will ask my friend for clarification on his new rifle and adjustment sytem.
I am wondering. Is this system just for rimfire rifles? I would think the system would be applicable to all bolt action, lever action, semi-automatic rifles and pistols. Wondering why this thread was moved.
I'm a bit out of my element here, but my friend tried to explain to me, then showed me. The adjustment screw is just behind the trigger. Only thing is, one has to remove the barrel and trigger from the stock to get to it (or see it).
Two hex screws, fore and aft of the magazine, and the barrel comes out. One of the screws doesn't come out all of the way, but releases the barrel. Then the adjustment is inside the spring just behind of the trigger. I hope this helps.
Thanks, MontyF:

I called my friend, to tell him that all his efforts of trying to explain this to me, had actually born some fruit, had helped someone. He was glad. That's a warm feeling.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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