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I am thinking of buying this rifle and would be interested in hearing feedback from anyone who has owned or shot a Savage Precision Carbine.

This particular rifle is hard to get right now. Sold out everywhere. I like the floating barrel, the oversize bolt knob, the removable cartridge (which can probably be interchanged with other after-market cartridges that hold more than 4 rounds), and the extra rigid stock. I've also read good things about the trigger. All of this is hear say. I have never handled one of these rifles. The idea of a short barrel that shoots more accurately than a 22" is also interesting. If I purchase this rifle, I will be hunting elk with it, and shooting at targets, preferably out to 400 yards or so. I can only afford one rifle at the present time. My next rifle would be a 24" or 26" .300 for longer range shooting. I probably will not be able to afford that, however, for a long time. The elk where I live are in forested areas, unless I drive to the desert and that is quite far for me to drive so I will probably stick closer to home in the woods when I go hunting for my meat. A 20" barrel would have advantages in the woods. Easier to carry. I am also interested in the 16 FCSS 22" Weather Warrior in 7MM-08 REM. This caliber intrigues me for its long range accuracy and unique ballistics capabilities. Not sure if it would be suited for elk hunting but it would be fun target rifle.
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