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Savage Model 170 B Slide Lock Woes

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Hi All

I recently restored a Savage Model 170 B for a friend. Basically; disassemble, do the wood and metal, and reassemble. Upon completion, I tested the action, and the bolt will not unlock after dry firing.

The problem is in the slide lock, as it does not move downward to release the bolt for the next cycle.

I have removed the trigger group, (about 20 times) and tried "adjusting" the spring that is integral to the slide lock, all to no avail. Also, there is a very small roll pin that goes thru the hammer, (not the main hammer bushing) and it appears to me that this small roll pin should engage the forward hook part of the integral spring.. Is that a correct assumption?

This thing is driving me nuts.

Any Help?

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Hey RidgeRunner,
Working on a friends Model 170. It is in dire need of a good cleaning. Can you give any directions for disassembling the rifle? I main problem is the receiver/trigger group pin does not seem to come out.
Thank you!
Thank you Ridge! Will let ya know if I get JOY or not!
Hi 308

That pin will drift out, but it is very tight, so don't be afraid to give it some pretty hard raps.

First of all, I can't remember if that pin is directional or not, so give it a good look, and possibly even use calipers to see if one side is a bit larger. I do know this: Most pins I have drifted go out from the shooters left to his right, and I am pretty sure that is the way the one I removed drove out. Make sure your drift punch is very very near to the pin size. If not, stop and go get one.

Here is how I proceeded: I removed the rear stock. Then I used a short length of 2X6 so that the receiver would lay nice and flat on it. I proped the barrel and magazine with a small sand bag, but any prop under the barrel/mag. will do as long as the receiver is flush to the 2X6. I drilled a 1/2" hole in the 2X6 for the pin to go down through. .... Then I gave 'er some pretty hefty whacks with a 2 lb. hammer. Mine went on the fourth whack. Once it breaks free, it will drift right out.

I did use some penetrating oil about a day ahead of time. I just laid it with the pin going out side up, and put a cleaning patch over that area and soaked with penetrating oil. Right prior to punching it out, I used a hair dryer to heat the pin going out side.

Best O' luck,

hey RR,
Yep, the pin came out. And you were right, took a few wacks, but got JOY.

But now, for some reason the action release lever does not work. I can rack the slide if I squeeze the trigger or not. Any suggestions?
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