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Savage Model 170 B Slide Lock Woes

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Hi All

I recently restored a Savage Model 170 B for a friend. Basically; disassemble, do the wood and metal, and reassemble. Upon completion, I tested the action, and the bolt will not unlock after dry firing.

The problem is in the slide lock, as it does not move downward to release the bolt for the next cycle.

I have removed the trigger group, (about 20 times) and tried "adjusting" the spring that is integral to the slide lock, all to no avail. Also, there is a very small roll pin that goes thru the hammer, (not the main hammer bushing) and it appears to me that this small roll pin should engage the forward hook part of the integral spring.. Is that a correct assumption?

This thing is driving me nuts.

Any Help?

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Old post I know. With my 170B I found that if I got the triggerguard screw too tight, it will lock up the slide release.
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