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Hello everyone,
     I went shooting yesterday morning, and when I came home and cleaned the guns I discovered the front sight of my SBH is loose. It is not wobbling all over the place, but I can wiggle it noticably! This is a stainless model, and it looks like the sight base is welded to the barrel and then the blued sight blade is roll pinned in. The pin itself appears to be tight, just the blade moves. I don't think it is enough to affect accuracy, but I don't want it flying off or getting looser either. Advice?
PS- Just when everything was going so well.too. I shot my first 50yd, 2.5" group during this session using the 265gr WFNGC Beartooth bullet and AA#5. Not too shabby considering last summer I couldn't always be sure of hitting the paper every time!
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