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scope for Tikka

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Hi guys'
I have been waiting a while for Nikon to come out with their new 4x12x40 with bullet drop (still not sure about that) from Prostaff. I have had my eye on it since December when they said it would be out April 30th. I'm putting it on the new Tikka 30.06 when it comes in. It seems like a good match: a fairly good scope for the money, and the same can be said for the Tikka. Although I must say that all these good deals are putting a serious squeeze on my wallet. I just wondered what you guys thought.
Michael Sicowitz
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I tend to agree with bsn reference the BDC scope on a 30/06. A buddy put one (Nikon Buckmasters BDC) on a Tikka T3 in .270. I sighted it in for him and he promptly missed his first shot at a big Kentucky buck because he used the wrong aiming dot/circle.:eek: He did shoot another nice, but smaller buck the next week at an even longer range, but only after reminding himself which aiming point to use! Neither shot required anything but a standard crosshair figuring a MPBR of almost 300yds.

By purchasing a slightly lower magnification scope such as a 3-9, you can also get a better quality scope, such as a Bushnell Elite, Burris FFII or the Nikon Buckmasters model. There's nothing wrong with a Prostaff, they are nice enough scopes, but all three of the others are better glass to my eye. I personally don't see a real need for magnification higher than 9X on an '06 and have several of mine scoped with 3-9, 2.5-8, 2-7, and even straight 4X scopes. Even when sighting in a rifle at 100yds, there is little to no difference in groups shot at 9X or at 4X, if you do your part.

Good Luck!
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Mike, I'm sure that scope will do a fine job for you. I used a Prostaff 2-7 to make a pretty long shot (225yds) on a nice buck right at the end of legal shooting one evening last season. The brightness was more than adequate in the low light. I'd also agree that it might be a good idea to simply use the main CH and your knowledge of trajectory for your particular load rather than the additional circles at least until you're more used to and comfortable with the scope set-up.
Good Luck.
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