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Scope Mount For 348 Winchester - Just To Show It Can Be Done

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I wanted a scope on my model 71 Winchester and definitely did not like the side mounted types, so I decided to design make my own.
I made 2 different models, one that uses the factory drilled and tapped holes that many of the model 71s have for a side mounted peep sight, and no permenent modifications are made to the rifle. The other is designed to take advantage of a set of holes that were drilled by a former rifle owner to mount one of the side mounted scopes.
My mount is secured two ways. It has an integral dovetail that fits the factory dovetail cut-out in the barrel and a side section which is secured to the side of the receiver with typical gunsmith type screws. Additionally, there is a set screw in the center of the mount dovetail that locks the mount dovetail to the barrel dovetail so that it remains true.
Other than bluing and installation, my two mounts are completed.
I am not selling these. In fact I am giving the design away for the asking.
I am attaching a few pictures.
Bob Nisbet


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Clever...without adding new holes on the first one. And if someone has already drilled holes, the second one looks great!
The scope base will accept either WILLIAMS rings that have the 1/4-28 threaded stud and also the CONETROL rings which have studs that are engaged by the scope set screws.
I love the CONETROL rings, but at $70+ per pair, I used the WILLIAMS rings I already had.
It would probably be easy for these base designs to be reconfigured for other brands of rings.
You may notice that the side of my scope base has not been drilled yet. I plan to "match drill" to the holes in my receiver. To do this, I am going to make a small two diameter stud where the smaller diameter will fit into the recever holes and the larger diameter will act as a stop. The large end will also be sharpened to a point, then the scope base installed and moved up against the stud point, then a light tap on the scope base will mark the exact location where the base mount screw hole needs to be drilled.
Bob Nisbet
I finished the scope mount and it works great.
When I first installed it, I used a laser bore sight device to quick check scope alignment. I was pleased that without any tweaking, the scope and bore were within just a couple of inches of perfect.
Its now ready for a Spring hog hunt in Texas.
Bob Nisbet
It sure looks good! What type scope have you decided to mount on the rifle?
I have a 2X Nikon extended eye relief that I got from an eBay seller. Nice clear scope with a duplex reticle.
I took it to the farm last week and it did not group my rounds very well.
I got a 2 inch group at 25 yards using new Winchester cases, CCI promers, and 200 Hornady jacketed bullets and SR4759 powedr pushing at around 1980 fps. I used a Lee crimp die. OAL was factory standard.
First time I had fired the rifle so don't know if it was the scope setup, the bullet/load or the rifle.
Wish I knew of a low velocity (around 2000 fps) accuracy load.
(I will be hunting 130 Lb Texas pigs and deer, so I don't think I need the horsepower that the higher velocities produce.)
Bob Nisbet
Displaced Texan.
By the way, I have 2 extra bases that I don't need.
I now have the design available for free to anyone wanting a copy. Design is in PDF format.
It can be modified for almost any kind of scope rings, but I used Williams rings and may yet change to Conetrol rings which have a 7/16 stud instead of the 1/4 inch studs that Williams uses.

eMail me if you want the design:
[email protected]
[email protected]

By the way, I built the bolt mounted peep sight from scratch, since it was missing when I purchased the rifle.

Bob Nisbet


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