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Has anyone attempted to mount a long eye relief scope on an NEF Handy Rifle or Huntsman using the factory base?

I am thinking that with 6 to 7 inches of eye relief the eyepiece of the scope would be about even with the standing breach. This would allow low rings and position the scope low enough to use with a standard stock w/o a raised cheekpiece.
The scope would then be mounted ahead of the hammer not above it.


Ralph McLaney

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An interesting idea.

You may try an EXTENDED eye relief scope like the "scout" types. I'd think an LER would have too much relief distance and would be no good at only 6-7 inches of relief distance from your eye.

Also consider the "bell" diameters of course with the ring heights.

From the hang-over at the front of the base and the hammer height, I think NEF needs to rethink a few things in that area for better scope mounting.

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