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Scope options?

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I am new to this group and I am very excited to have found it!!! I have a SRH44mag that I have been toying with the idea of putting a scope on. I was hoping get some input from some more experienced shooters. I bought my redhawk almost 4 years ago with the plan to use it for whitetail hunting. I have carried it on several hunts but have not even taken a shot at a deer with it. So what I am trying to say is I plan on using it for target as well as hunting. I am looking for a scope that will be acceptable for both. I like the thought of a red dot but have not been able to find one that magnifies. Does anyone make such a beast? What is the best scope, in your opinion, for this gun. I should note at this time I shoot factory loads, but hope to soon be loading my own.

Jason in MO
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I have a SRH in 9.5" and have tried both red dot and 2x scope.
The scope allows much better sighting and practical accuracy, but the small field of view is a problem for me when I anticipate "targets of opportunity". This last deer season I saw a coyote and a house cat. I tried to track both of them as they moved across a hillside about 40 yards away. I could not keep either of them in the scope as they moved.
Stationary target=deadly. Moving target=sucks.
Got a Weaver style rail and mounted a red dot.
Better accuracy than open irons but the height above the bore gave me problems. I felt like I was having to crane my neck to see the sights.
Field of view is better but still restrictive.
Black post, black square slot. Works well under any circumstances except long range. Of course if we wanted to hunt at long range we would use a rifle wouldn't we?
With any of the above, I wouldn't want me shooting at me at 100 yards.
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