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This book by Craig Boddington is a limited edition published in 2002 by Safari Press. Boddington has written a few books about Africa (From Kenya to the Cape, Where Lions Roar, Safari Rifles, etc..) but this one deals exclusively with the spiral horn antelopes and Craig's 20+ year fascination with Africa. I'm not a huge Boddington fan, his style of writing has never seemed quite as exciting or never conjured up the images that Hemingway, Ruark, Capstick and others have, but this book does just that. Very well written and is written as if he is sharing with you instead of telling "how-to". He includes mistakes, blunders, bad shots and successes. He freely writes of greater accomplishments of other hunters along the way also. Of all of Craig's books, this has to be my favorite and will reside alongside Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa, Wieland's Spiral Horn Dreams, Ruark's Horn of the Hunter and Use Enough Gun.

Very well written, exotic game in distant lands, exciting tales and beautifully put together book. Loaded with full color photographs and maps of the areas. 357 pages. I give it a 9 of 10.


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