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I have, hopefully, fixed the searching problem on the SHooter's Forum some were experiencing. Please let me know if your searches are giving you all the results from past dates.

Thanks much, just reply to this thread with any problems or feedback.

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I see numerous problems with the search engine(s):
For instance: If you enter the ‘Handgun cartridge’ forum, go to the bottom and select, ‘from the beginning’, and search for “.357” in the ‘search this forum’ box, you get 52 hits, which is about what I expect. If I do the same search in the upper right box, I only get 8 hits. Why the difference? If I click on ‘Advanced’, on the top right, next to the ‘search’ box, I would expect to be taken to an advanced search engine. What I get instead, is taken to the home page of the shooters forum. What is ‘Advanced’ supposed to do? Finally, using the ‘search this forum’ box requires four characters to do a search. This allows you to find “.357”, but not “357”, and you know that not all relevant 357 topics include the preceding decimal. Further, this restriction makes it impossible to search for “.44” or “.45”, as there is no way to bump them up to four character searches.

Thank You

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