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I am having a devil of a time getting bullets straight for my Swede using Hornady dies & bullets, Rockchucker and Winchester brass.  A friend used his ball mic on my WW brass and found virtually no variation in wall thickness. The sized brass has run-out of about .001 so the die is set straight.  I have used different shell holders and tried everything to set the die straight.  I still get run-out of over .010. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good seating die? I have also used a different brand of bullets.  I ended up using factory loads for deer season!  Help!  

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Check the end of the seating stem and ensure that it is not cracked or full of crud.  I once found a cracked seating stem that was causing me no end of grief.

You might also contact Hornady and see what their customer service has to say.

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Here's a trick an older fellow taught me many years ago, when the dies were not any where close to being as accurate as they are now.
Push the bullet,case into the dies about 1/3 to 1/2, then back the press ram back and rotate the whole case etc. 90 to 180 degrees then push the case/ bullet all the way to seating.
Seemed to work for him and I've been doing it ever since.

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You also might try using a separate M-Type neck expander die instead of the expander ball on the decapping stem.

I had a devil of a time with some Krag cases with soft shoulders/necks being pulled off center when the expander ball was pulled back through them on the upstroke.

You could watch the necks wabble when the cases were rolled across a countertop after this.

When I went to neck expanding with the M type die, the problem diappeared.

That Hornady floating seater is a very good seater. Maybe take a look in the area of the expander ball.

I expand virtually all my bottle neck cases this way now.

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