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Hi , all

I am not a security expert, but security plays a big part of my job, so if I may I would like to point out some basic things...
The internet allows us contact with a great variety of similar minded people and sometimes we forget that the internet is public. Please refrain from giving out your phone # or street address, you don't know who is reading what you post on the internet. Don't trust someone you meet over the internet blindly, as long as this forum is around we will have plenty of time to get aquainted.
I know everyone who belongs to this board would feel a deep personal loss if someone was robbed of his/her firearms or worse due to information found on this board.
If you want to exchange personal info with someone here, e-mail or pm them, please do not post personal info in the forums for your own protection.
I hope I don't come across wrong, I am no expert and don't mean to sound like I'm lecturing.

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I don't think you've come across wrong at all. It sounds like good advice to me! ID

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Good information Andy. I've been in security for over 23 yrs and have seen alot of things happen from people trusting absolute strangers, its mind boggling! Good advice indeed! :)
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