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Seen the new S&W 500 Magnum?

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I saw this the other day and thought it might be of some interest. Smith and Wesson claim that their new five shooter will deliver 2600 ft. lbs. of muzzle energy! Compare that to 1900 out of a strong 454 Casull load! It looks like it should come with sling swivels and a wheel barrow to haul it around in. I have not heard anything on bullet weight or velocity but I would think that they must be pushing about a 400 grain bullet. The cartridge dwarfs a 454 Casull. You can check it out here.......
Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum
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It will be interesting to see the first reports of those brave (not too bright?) souls that shoot the behemoth.

For additional discussion on this subject, please see the thread at

I went to the indoor range today and they had the ammunition, but no rental gun. I would have tried it without a doubt. That doesn't mean I want one, but I'd have to try it.
I own a 454 Casull and have fired many rounds with a 336 gr.
lead bullet at around 1700 fps. This is a real handfull and after awhile it started having a negative effect on my right wrist and elbow. I can't imagine what this cannon will do to a shooter's arm. It's only saving grace in that regard is the 4+LB of weight it sports and that my serve to dampen the recoil. Beyond that, it looks like just the ticked for handling an ill natured Cape Buffalo (is that a redundancy?!) in the bush.
I can't imagine Smith and Wesson making a gun strong enough to handle a caliber that large.

Their mods 29/629 can barely handle factory .44 magnums.
Check out this link! Seems the Democrats are seeking a ban on this new hand cannon. What they don't realize is that most perps are too cowardly to shoot such a monster!\Culture\archive\200302\CUL20030217b.html

I'm sure they'd like to ban everything old and new. Will they get away with this strategy of banning every new thing that comes out? Doubtful, but we can never rest in the war of ideas, the war for freedom.
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