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For sale. Serious inquiries only. Ship only to dealer. UNFIRED! No box. Have order/build sheet. Manufactured by Shiloh Rifle Co, Big Timber, MT. Presentation grade Shiloh Sharps Sporter #1 in 45-110 caliber with 2 boxes factory ammo. In addition to the base price of the gun are the following options and upgrades. 34" 16 pound bull barrel, presentation wood, polished barrel, pewter tip on bull barrel, bed forearm, traditional steel buttplate, pack hardened finish, AAA finish on wood, polished black screws, cheekpiece accent line, brass escutcheons, MVA scope (long series 6000 - 6X), factory mounting fee. Includes 1 box Buffalo Arms 575 gr and 1 box 500 gr ammo from Old West Scrounger. Cost of rifle and ammo $5655 plus 2 year wait for Shiloh Rifle Co.
Sell for $3900 shipped to lower 48 states.
Ship only to dealer. Will hand deliver within 200 miles of Edenton, NC due to size and weight will add small fortune to shipping cost. This rifle weighs about 26 pounds. Will negotiate discount if you pick up the rifle.

Send email and I will send pictures.

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