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I have reached the limit of adjustment in my Red Dot scope,and must adjust the scope body upward. (it shoots too high)
My problem is that,the rings are vertical,instead of the more common horozontal design. With the horozontal type,I could place a shim under the front ring and another over the rear ring,to tilt the scope upward. The ring halves at the top and bottom of the scope would adjust to the slightly ovate shape of the scope body.
With the ring halves split vertically,I can't do this.
What can I do?
Should I place a shim on the barrel,under the front of the scope mount?
Should I close the rings and relieve the top of the front halves and the bottom of the rear halves?
Thank you,

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I'm certainly no expert but I have shimmed several mounts with beer can stock. The Redfield rear mount excepts quite a stack of shim material.

I have some Leupold shims that work between the barrel and mount.

I have used little shims to shim the front mount on an angle eject M-94. I did not like this because they were two piece and I was worried about bending my scope. I never worried about shimming one piece mounts.

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I'd second shimming under the bases, if it's a one-piece base.  If aluminum cans aren't thick enough, you can often find sheet aluminum in several thicknesses at the hardware store.

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You know, Bob Brownell, told me this the metal tape from a worn out know the kind that rolls into the box-like thing. It's kinda circular. Cut pieces the length of the base and drill for the screws. It's the best shims I have ever seen.
Best Regards, James
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