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SHOOTING BACK , The Right and Duty of Self-Defense, written by Charl Van Wyk
ISBN: 978-0-97-904511-0

This is the author’s story of July 25, 1993 when he was forced to use a weapon in defense of himself & fellow church members as their church is attacked by terrorists. The setting is St James Church in Cape Town, South Africa. The actual description of the incident is just a small part of the book. The foreword, by Larry Pratt (Executive Director of Gun Owners of America) gives a very brief overview of gun control and its fallacies. The book deals with the author’s actions during & after the attack that claimed 11 lives & physically wounded 53 but was thwarted by the actions of 1 armed man, the author, with a 5 shot .38 revolver. It includes his dealing with the trauma, anger and yes even forgiveness of those involved in the attack. This includes a story of when he later meets & witnesses to 1 of the terrorists face to face. Beyond the terrorist attack, the author addresses questions such as: “Should we be armed?” and “When is deadly force appropriate to defend ourselves & families?” These questions are addressed from a biblical point of view, with scriptural references. Additionally, the author speaks to the issue of gun control legislation, its dangers & how to oppose it.

The book was recommended to me by a good friend & co-worker shortly before his untimely death. And I began to read it more out of respect for him, but found myself using it to educate myself. The biblical references helped to confirm beliefs I’ve had since being able to tell right from wrong. I even used the book to teach my Sunday school class (mainly active & retired peace officers along with 2 CHL holders) after some of them had read it and asked me to do so.

I recommend this book to anyone who carries a weapon for defense of themselves or others and to anyone that may be, or has been, forced to use force to defend themselves or others. I've just reread the book for the 4th time & felt I should share it with others.
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