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    Greetings friends. Please forgive this long post. I think many will find it interesting. I learned a couple things today that I am sure others will be interested to know about. I am sure many of you already know these things but as I am fairly new to handgunning I am still learning some of the fundamentals and perhaps others of you can benefit from what I have learned.
    I went out shooting again this evening with my Ruger Bisley 6 shot 45 Colt. I chrono-graphed three different loads. This time my readings made sense. I shot later in the evening than before. Really bright sunlight does seem to give some crazy readings. Anyway I was testing three different loads, all of which I had shot before. Starline cases were used throughout and the distance to target was 35 yards. First load was with the Cast Performance 335 gc, WLP primer and 22.5 grains of Lil’Gun for a velocity of 1188 fps and an extreme spread of 44 for 10 shots. I was shooting from a bench with sandbags at 35 yards. This gun and load clearly shoot better than I do. I shot two 5 shot groups with that load and in one group had 3 shots in 0.68” and 4 in 1.67” with the 5th shot opening it up to 2.72”. The other group put 5 shots in 1.85”. I also tried again the CP 335 with 24.0 grains of H110 and the WLP primer (by the way, before you freak out on me and say I am about to blow up my gun, I talked to John Linebaugh about this load and he said that I should go no higher but that I should be fine and that he uses 24.0 grains of H110 often with a 325 grain cast bullet) and velocity of 11 shots was 1258 fps with an extreme spread of 44. I shot 3 groups with it, two of which were about 4” (my error) but the better group and the one that I believe to be representative of the load and gun gave a 5 shot group of 1.77” at 35 yards with 4 of those in 1” and 3 in 0.5”. I am still figuring out how to shoot these revolvers. I would imagine that if I can put 3 shots in 0.5” at 35 yards, I have a good load. It is unlikely that such grouping is a fluke. More likely is that the other shots which open up the group are due to me. Finally I shot 2, 5 shot groups with the Beartooth 345 gc which has a 0.45” nose to crimp measurement such that less of the bullet is in the case. The load was with 23.5 grains of Lil’gun and a CCI 350 primer. Velocity for 10 shots was 1204 fps and extreme spread was 33 fps. First group was 2.68” with 4 of them in 2.04”. Last group put all 5 in 1.85” with 4 in 1.29”. All 3 loads are great loads. I shot 4 groups of 5 shots each with 345 Beartooth and 23.5 grains of Lil’Gun recently with a 2x scope attached at 50 yards. Largest group was 2.9” and the average was 2.6”. The CP 335 load with Lil’Gun gives 5 to 5.5” groups at 100 yards when I have the 2x scope on. I need to practice more (a ton!) with open sights.
    A couple other things I learned today about shooting good groups are as follows: First of all do not have your target in the sun if you can put it in the shade. I noticed on my last outing that as the target was in the sun my sights glowed and I had a terrible time getting a clean sight picture. Groups were rotten. Also the technique used in conjunction with the bags is very important. What seems to be working for me is to have a rabbit ear sandbag (like most riflemen use as a rear bag) elevated on a 6”thick brick. I am placing the frame (just in front of the trigger guard) against and on top of that bag with the barrel very gently resting in the groove made by the rabbit ears. I am also putting a big sandbag under my right (I am right-handed) forearm. I am also using black electricians tape over my right eyes shooting glasses lens with a 0.090” hole in it. I have a Farrsight Optical Disc on order from Brownells. Much learning and improvement along the way. Many of you have helped and advised me over these last many months. Thanks for all your help. Maybe some of what I have reported here can help someone else. Brian Carlson.
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