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To fit me I need a rifle with about a 12" LOP and most plastic stocks do not lend themselves to being shortened and I suggested to a buddy who designed stocks at Remington that they be able to be shortened and he designed the stocks with the spacers in them.

Apparently he also did something with the other stocks as the Remington Varmint stocks and the 7600 plastic stock can be shortened as there are columns with fairly deep pilot holes that go deep into the buttstock.and a stock could be shortened up to two inches if needed.

This is how I did mine. I also used another Remington design idea taken from their 40X target stocks which had the butt plates slant forward on the bottom of the stock to ;fit the shooter's shoulders better and I like a little more angle so this is how I did mine.

The finished LOP on this stock is 11 7/8" and helps in faster placement for offhand shots.

I am going to go back and dress down the mounting screws a tad so they will fit flush. I also changed screws to a smaller diameter screw and shorter so if in the future the holes wore I could go back with original screws (which appear to be common dry wall screws) to snug up the plate.

The plate is 11 gauge steel (tad thinner than 1/8".

If anyone is interested in how I formed it I can post pictures of how it laid it out on plate. With the right tools it takes about two hours to make the plate and this is the fourth one I have formed from steel. The others I did not radius the edges but this one feels so nice I will probably pull the others off and radius them as well.
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