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Well folks I shot the 45 colt bisley. Not to shabby. 225 rem's were *****-cats and I shot some 300 speer's/H110 and some cast perf 335gs/H110. the 300's no problem, but the 335's not painfull but heavy. Painfull is hot 357's out of a S&W model 60 - OUCH. I think I need to roll at the elbow's a little more with the bisley. I'm just not used to shooting single actions. This is a very accurate gun.

Now for the exiting news. Stopped by the local shop and he got an estate in. About 35 handguns to many to list. Except one a 3 screw +4" ruger in 41mag for $180 buck's. Worn in just right. the only prob was the trigger guard looks odd. It looks like it was cut off and welded back on????? Did people do this at one time? Was it square and they wanted a round trigger guard or none?? O-well I wish I saw this a few weeks ago. I'd have prolly passed on the 45. We'll see how it shoot's in acouple of weeks after my birthday.

Any comments?

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