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Should Nikon 2X EER Reticle Move When Viewing Eye Moves

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I have a Nikon 2X EER scope on a rifle, in Scout confguration.
With the rifle held steady, I notice that the reticle point of aim changes if I move my head.
Is this typical of EER scopes, or is there a scope problem.
If typical, is it common to all the EER scopes including Leupold?
Bob Nisbet
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if you try this while looking at at targets set at several differant distances, when you get to the target where this condition does not seem to happen then you will know what distance your scopes parallax is set to.
or you could go to nikons web site and check the specks. i was told by nikon's customer service that they will adjust the parallax to your preference for free, you just need to mail it in. i would call and talk to them first though.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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