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Show us your 1894!

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Okay guys, not much going on in this corner of the forum. Let' see them! Here are mine...

The rifle up front is a 39A followed by three 1894CLs chambered in 218 Bee, 25-20 Win, and 32-20 Win. Next up are my big bores, 1894FG in 41 Mag. 1894P, 44 Mag. 1894S, 45 Colt.
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My 1894...

SORRY...Just noticed this is in the "Marlin" bad

Winchester eject...circa 1977

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That's OK. It just makes those Marlins look all that much better!!!! :p :p :p
Now that's cold Mike!
Now Michael,

That's just 1894 vulgarity. Show off!


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I was trying to drag you out Chief! Your 94 ever settle down or did the rhythmic cycles of the barrel kill that deer at random?
I got lucky on that one. Since I went to a 250 grain bullet it started shooting great. Just in time for the postal matches to end. I was going to kick some putooty. It sure is good to see ya around. Don't be a stranger.
Good photos RanchDog and Chief!

Chief, why did you shoot that deer? Should've picked a fresh one. He looks like he already had a hole in his shoulder.

Thankfully I have 3 Marlin Cowboy rifles, all w/24" barrels
.45 Colt

Here's a pic of the .44-40. One of these days I'm going to take a group photo......

the ammo lineup

......and my 39A circa 1948 w/1947 series Weaver scope

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Mine don't have those fancy carry handles on top. :)
Here's my 94 collection, 1988 Marlin 1894S in .41 Mag and a 1941 dated Win 1894 in 30 WCF.

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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