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sierra game king hollow points

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several of my rifles love these bullets. I have not put one through an animal so I have no idea on bullet performance. I would like to hear your opinion of these bullets.

.257 90gr HPBT approx. 3580fps
.277 140gr HPBT approx. 3000fps
.284 160gr HPBT approx. 2900fps
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I used for the last 28yrs the Sierra G/K 165gr HPBT in my 300Wby, 30-06, 300Win mag. for everything from coyote, hogs, deer, antelope and Black Bear and that included one Elk that I shot at 80yds with a heart and lung shot that exited and at 90 yards dropped in his track the last bear I shot. The bullet was also a heart lung shot and took the heart and lungs out the other side through a tennis ball size hole, we know this because when we cleaned the bear there was no heart or lungs in his chest cavity.

Now, because it is a HP don't think it is not a tough bullet. It is the toughest bullet Sierra makes in the Game King line for 150 to 165gr bullets that they make and you can call them and they will tell you it is so. I have in my testing put one of these HPBT Game/Kings at 3320fps out of a 300Wby through an 8" laminated beam at 25 yards and was still able to dig what was left of the bullet out of an earth embankment 75yrds further down range. To say they are only good for long shots tells me someone has not used or knows what these bullets will do in the field. Frankly, they don't know what they are talking about. I culled deer and hogs with the state of Mississippi for two years and all the deer and hogs dropped where they were shot and all exits. Closest being 30yds furthest of these shots was 230 while culling.

I have shot a lot of deer, don't remember how many hogs with this bullet and the kills were devastating and all exits. It is an accurate, very accurate bullet and is a real sleeper.

Five shot group 100yds
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Those who lump the SMK with the G/K don't know what they are talking about and neither do those who say the game king is for match, targets or plinking. They simply don't know what they are talking about period. They just keep beating a dead horse while we who use the G/K keep collecting the game we kill. Denial of the fact that the G/K especially the HPBT is an outstanding hunting bullet, reminds me of how Obama just can't get it and neither do those who don't know what they are talking about when it comes the the Sierra Game King HPBT. The reason they don't is because they are theorist and they have no real accumulative knowledge do to practical experience, while implying that those who do don't know that the bullet is no good. It just defies logic, reasoning and reality. Of course the pride filled will not admit when they are wrong, they will just stick with their beliefs even thought they have both feet planted in mid air.
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The terminal performance is really a two-part issue. What works well terminally depends on shot placement which depends on accuracy, but terminal performance also depends on bullet construction for maximum effect. That seems to be the portion of the equation under debate.

Why Sierra produces no bonded core bullets, I don't know. If asked to speculate I would guess they think it'll slightly reduce their control of accuracy in the final product. Their reputation is built on accuracy and they won't be willing to risk compromising it. But, again, that's speculation. It may be worth asking them?
The reason they don't build a bonded bullet is two parts, 1. it would effect accuracy on a long term consistent bases. 2. Their bullets in the Game King line is constructed well enough, especially their HPBT and is a very effective killer of game and no need to change it.

The performance of the Game King in the field is much more positive than is negative and the HPBT will exceed expectations when used. It has a 90-95% approval rating among those hunter who have used it when testimonials are written. I love it, it works very well and is terminally sound, and it is a devastating bullet. Those of us who have used it through the years, know what it does to game. Also, we know it is a very good bullet for killing game consistently and pretty much the same results year after year. It is terminally proven to be a killer in the field and also highly accurate, the very two things we look for in a bullet.
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What I know of the sierra game king bullet is this. It is a great bullet for thin-skinned game. The jacket on this bullet is kinda thin. When shooting larger game I'd consider a bullet with a thicker jacket. When I say large I'm talking about elk sized game. Anything smaller than that should be fine with the SGK bullet. I do however agree that the Nosler Accubond is a better all around bullet with excellent BC. It can be used on just about anything in North America without coming apart. I've seen one shoot a deer from chest to tail and exit with a .300WSM. That sure impressed me! I know it'll take alot to make me switch from the Accubond.
The G/K HPBT is not a thin jacket, it is a double drawn jacket and is stronger than the SBT G/K, also, I shoot out to 600yds in practice every year with the HPBT and I kept all my shots this year in practice inside 5" circle, with most in a 4-4/1/2" circle. Like I said before, I put a 165gr HPBT through an elk with a tennis size ball hole out the other side and it put that big boy down as he took one step and clasped head forward. The 338 and 358 Game King caliber SBT is also a double drawn jacket and they are very good killers.
Take a look at a cross section of a sierra game king bullet(on sierras website) and then look at nosler accubonds or even nosler ballistic tips. Which has a thinner jacket?

So what is your point other than you don't have one when it comes to terminal results. Also, that is a regular game king cross sectioned on the web site, not the HPBT which has a double drawn jacket. Nosler BT don't hold up like the Sierra HPBT and the Accubond does not kill any better than the Sierra HPBT and neither one of the Nosler bullets is as accurate on any consistent bases over long shot groups. So once again, what is your point, except one based on a theoretical observation of a cross cut bullet and no comparative results from the field, ignoring the independent test of consistent terminal results of the Sierra Game King when tested against bonded bullets. :confused:
As a practical matter, even if choosing one bullet over another turns out to be largely a psychological advantage, that has a very real effect on a shooter's performance. So, you do best to use whatever you have confidence in and that shoots well in your gun.
+ 1 You have certainly touched on an extremely important point. I agree with you one hundred precent, well stated. :)
BT, have you compared the Accubond and HPBT, "over long shot groups"?

Yes is my answer and here is qualifying remarks - I had been hounded by my hunting buddies when we made hunting trips and went overseas to hunt, to use a bonded bullet. I had two that I have always liked and still do. The Nosler Partition (the best purer hunting bullet ever made) and the Accubond. So I used these two in my 300Win mag and 300Wby while using the Sierra HPBT in my 30-06. I will admit that I let the peer pressure influence me. So over many trips hunting in a 12 year span I used these two bullets. Had to do a lot of load work finding my loads which I did and I would practice at the range before going on these trips.

Also, have you shot a representative number and variety of animals with the Accubond, such that you are qualified to state that it does not offer better terminal performance on game than the Sierra bullet you have had so much success with?

When I would come home from these trips I would just keep using the Accubond in my 300Win mag on deer and hogs across big fields and on gas line right of ways. During this time due to doe tags issued by our lease i would average 3 deer a year while using the accubond. Understand that using the Accubond or the Sierra HPBT in my 300Win mag and 300Wby I always had complete pass throughs with both bullets. They both killed just as effectively in my experience and I saw no difference when observing the results. They were both accurate (for hunting) but the Sierra was more accurate and actually flew down range on long shot to the practice target in a much more consistent way.

Do you also feel the Sierra HPBT offers better performance than the Nosler Partition, irrespective of their relative accuracy?

Nothing on game when all things are considered performs more consistently whether up close or far off than the Nosler Partition. I would have used it more but in some of my rifles through the years I could not feel confident on real long shots because a certain rifle was not shooting them that well.

The problem with blanket statements is you sometimes get smothered in them...and I would know! :)
I hope this clears up any thought that i think the Sierra Game King HPBT is the magic bullet, but it sure is a good one. :D
The Accubond was only released 9 years ago, so I'm presuming you are combining your Partition and Accubond experience into one big pool. The Partition isn't a "bonded bullet", but is definitely a very consistent performer, even if it's not often one-hole accurate. In my admittedly limited experience, the Accubond IS very accurate, with 1" groups at 100 yards not too difficult to attain.

Shooting southern deer with 300 Magnums may not be the best test of terminal performance because, as you stated, every single one is a pass through. No surprise there, but I do wonder if you were to be fortunate enough to harvest a like number of elk, or nilgai, what the results might be. As Nick stated earlier, Sierra did some testing and came to the conclusion that whatever differences might be quantifiable, they aren't enough to justify changing their extremely accurate bullets. For light, thin-skinned (CXP2) game, I'm not sure the bullet matters much at all, so excellent accuracy is something to consider as a defining characteristic.
Yes, I used the Partition for a 5 year period and like my buddies had to try the new fangled Accubond and I found it more accurate than the Partition so I moved to it for a bonded bullet. Yes, I know the Partition has a standard mechanical front and the partition holds the back part of the bullet together. I many times lump it in with the bonded bullets out of habit. I used the Partition for my large plains game so I can not comment on the Sierra Game King on those types of game. Frankly, when it comes to dangerous are really big I prefer the Partition over the Accubond and of course over the Sierra G/K
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