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sierra game king hollow points

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several of my rifles love these bullets. I have not put one through an animal so I have no idea on bullet performance. I would like to hear your opinion of these bullets.

.257 90gr HPBT approx. 3580fps
.277 140gr HPBT approx. 3000fps
.284 160gr HPBT approx. 2900fps
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I, for one, was not aware the GameKing was specifically for long range hunting. I started using the .264 - 140 gr GK spitzer in my old 6.5 Swede. With a MV of 2500 fps, not much worry about blowing the hide of any bullet. To date, my largest whitetail was killed with the Swede and a GK 140 at 200 yards. The bullet made a 3/4" exit hole through the front of a shoulder. Last year, I started using a 6.5x300wsm and pushing the same bullet at 3100fps MV. I shot 3 whitetail bucks and 5 coyotes. The bucks were as close as 90 yards and as far as 434 yards. The bullets passed cleanly through both sides without excess destruction or any sign of blow up. All of the animals were dead right there. Not even a kick.
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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