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sierra game king hollow points

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several of my rifles love these bullets. I have not put one through an animal so I have no idea on bullet performance. I would like to hear your opinion of these bullets.

.257 90gr HPBT approx. 3580fps
.277 140gr HPBT approx. 3000fps
.284 160gr HPBT approx. 2900fps
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I've used SGKs for about ten years in my 270, 308 and 7.5. I go with the heavy for caliber GKs and have never found one!!! - All deer and hogs were one shot kills with 2 holes in each one! Closest was 70 yds - Fartherest was 280.

PS: for calibers 8mm and up I use the NPTs
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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